#MerMay2019 Limited Art Sale!

It was a good #MerMay this year, but as usual, I didn’t follow my own prompts this year. Well, a little. I tried to squeeze in some inbetween travel and animating a short film with my bro, Tony for Mermay. That’s below in case you missed it. BUT- I got 7 prompts covered and those original pieces are now for sale in my Gallery! Get them while they are hot! -Tom B.

Here’s a couple…..


And, here’s the link to mine and Tony’s animation short we did in glorious 2D animation using TVPaint software and Wacom Cintiq hardware!

Amazing 48-Hour Original Art Sale!

I never do this. When you see what I am selling you will see why. Yes, I have a few of the usual sketches I do for Instagram, but I ALSO am offering MULAN artwork from my personal collection! Why? I’m making a independent film and want to help finance it myself. This is hard, but worth it! Please support by sharing this sale with your friends! Hit the STORE link and ARTWORK to see the art!!


#Mermay2018 Is here! (okay, almost over, sorry).

I'm hitting this a little late, but I wanted to make sure you all knew that #Mermay, the drawing event I created three years ago, is here!  The idea is to encourage artists to draw everyday in the month of May and the theme is Mermaids!  It's a huge success this year and even though we aren't finished yet, I can already say that we have more people contributing to #mermay2018 than both of the first two years COMBINED!  Additionally, we now have an official website this year: mermay.com !  Go check it out for official sketch prompts, t-shirts, books, Featured Artsits, and a stream of #mermay artwork that is constantly updated!  

Official 2018 MerMay t-shirt artwork!

#MerMay 2017 has launched! Announcing my new project!

As part of my annual #Mermay drawing challenge event on Instagram (where I challenge artists to draw a mermaid every day in the month of May), I have gone one further this year and created my own original character, Lani the mermaid.  Not stopping there, I then wrote an original story for her, "The Mermaid that Wanted To Fly" and will be posting the original art and text for that children's book, one day at a time for the entire month of May!  It's an exclusive to Instagram and I hope you will follow along to read the entire story.  Along with that, I have posted my OFFICIAL MerMay 2017 Drawing prompts for those that want suggestions or a theme for their daily Mermaid sketches.  Go to www.tombancroftstudio.com/sketchbite to see them!