#Inktober- FIRST HALF #OriginalArt SALE!

Hey everyone.  Sorry I haven't posted my #Inktober pieces one and a time, but its been hard enough doing them everyday!  I've done pretty well (much better than I thought I would) at keeping up with Inktober this year!  My theme this year is DC Comic characters.  Below are a bunch of the first half of this month's!  Many of these are now up for purchase (the original art5!) in my STORE section.  Check it out!  AND- as a bonus to Inktober (but outside of my DC comics theme) is a Barbarian Girl illustration I did for a friend!  More soon!

#Super #Parenting series begins! #WonderWoman and Daughter

I thought it would be fun to explore the ins and outs of being a superhero parent.  What do you show your kids that will be important to them.  How do you let them go when its their first time to use their laser vision?  Stuff like that.  Here's the first three.  All are for purchase in my Store.  

WWandDaughter_Inks_Bancroft COLORS-sm.jpg