#MerMay 2017 has launched! Announcing my new project!

As part of my annual #Mermay drawing challenge event on Instagram (where I challenge artists to draw a mermaid every day in the month of May), I have gone one further this year and created my own original character, Lani the mermaid.  Not stopping there, I then wrote an original story for her, "The Mermaid that Wanted To Fly" and will be posting the original art and text for that children's book, one day at a time for the entire month of May!  It's an exclusive to Instagram and I hope you will follow along to read the entire story.  Along with that, I have posted my OFFICIAL MerMay 2017 Drawing prompts for those that want suggestions or a theme for their daily Mermaid sketches.  Go to www.tombancroftstudio.com/sketchbite to see them!